"Ennio Morricone Fans Handbook" ordering instructions (English edition)
In order to meet the needs of readers, since Octember 2016, we provide three forms of "Ennio Morricone Fans Handbook" (288 pages English edition) : The black and white paperback edition, color paperback edition and electronic edition. See below list about concrete content:
Black and white paperback
80 grams of A4 standard copy paper with color copperplate paper cover, 288 pages with black-and-white Laser copying
Each book price 14 USD, mail fee 18 USD
Total price 32 USD
Color paperback
80 grams of A4 standard copy paper with color copperplate paper cover, 288 pages with color Laser copying,
Each book price 37 USD
Mail fee 18 USD
Total price 55 USD
Electronic edition
PDF file 288 pages, can be read in PC or mobile phone. total 33.7M RAR format file by way of the email to provide
Its price 10 USD
You also buy them in my Ebay shop
Please paying here and then send email to me ( or send mobile text to me) (Includes your detail mail address). I will reply soon. Please strictly observe the copyright stipulation, all files only for subscriber's personal use, external spreading is strictly prohibited. Thanks for your cooperation.
The book examples
ISBN 978-988-16794-2-0
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Our important promise

If you really are a Morricone fans and need the resources but financially strapped, please send email to explain your situation. We are willing to provide the resources at any price you can afford up to all free charge. Please send an email to contact me. Thanks.

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